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Feb 5 / Joe Skelly

Collectables – Where Do The Children Play

It was nearly released by Sanctuary Records in the UK, however, the deal was finally struck with giant EMI. The 2005 release Those Were The Days was a covers album of tracks Dolly enjoyed from yesteryear.

One of the singles(this was the first single release and was a promo only) that was produced from the album was “Where Do The Children Play” The single was beautifully packaged in a blue cardboard sleeve. It’s cover was a now well known picture of Dolly looking through a plate glass window looking a little unsure. Her look in this picture is really good and pleasing on the eye.

For Media Promotion Only

The CD was catalogue reference Dolly 001 and ISBN 094635557220. Blue printed flowers adorn the back of the sleeve and it tells us the song is written by Yusef Islam (EMI April Music Inc. ASCAP)

The sleeve note denotes that the special guest on the song is Yusef (Cat Stevens) with harmony vocals by Dolly. (Oddly, Yusef never made it onto this song or any other on the actual album. He did record it with Dolly but didn’t like the end product and it was dropped from the final release).

The other song featured on the disc is the John Lennon classic “Imagine” which features David Foster. (John Lennon wrote – Lenono Music, BMI).

EmI is a Capitol Music label. The copyright is Dolly 2005. Sugar Hill in USA are the main distributors of the album (Sugar Hill is a Welk Music Co). The actual CD recordings were specially licenced exclusively to EMI.

The CD sleeve had information on it detailing that it was property of EMI, used for promotion only and not for sale.