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Jun 29 / Joe Skelly

Collectables – When You Tell me That You Love Me

It was originally sung by Diana Ross. This track penned by Albert Hammond & J Bettis was now to appear, in 1994 on the Julio Iglesias album “Crazy” as a duet with Dolly.

From the Crazy album, this little promo was produced (along with a couple of other international ones). Dolly is also in the music video with Julio. The front cover of this release shows a hazy image of Dolly looking at Julio over his right shoulder. The catalogue reference Columbia CSK 6256.

The inside cover of the radio/media only release has the words to the song in full and quotes it as being written in 1991. David Foster produced the track and it was co-produced by Albert Hammond. “Demonstration – Not For Sale” is the wording on the actual disk. This version is mixed by Mick Guzauski.

The duet only appears on the Crazy album but did show up later inside the pink “Tour” box-set that Sony UK released in line with the 2008 Backwoods Barbie Tour (due to be re-issued July 2011).

The current value as at June 2011 is £35.00 in English pounds.