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Tidbits!!! “Did You Know?”

1. Apparently, Alan Cackett – interviewer once asked Dolly if she’d ever consider recording the song “Cathy’s Clown” to which Dolly apparently replied yes, I have done that already – it’s been released on an old album!!
(This song has never been issued anywhere in the world on any release…… if you know otherwise..let us know).

2. Dolly has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It’s number is 1781.

3. Dolly appeared on The Cas Walker Radio Show – aged 10.

4. In 1993 Dolly made the album “Slow Dancing With The Moon”. After extensive tv appearances in the UK and a massive ratings hit appearance on the BBC’s National Lottery – the UK record label MCA took the decision to release the song “Salt In My Tears” as a commercially available single which they were sure would chart on the top 10 pop charts!! Sadly, the decision to release the single was dropped at the last minute. There was, however a promo of the song made in the USA only.

5. Dolly played the snare drum in her high school band. Her uniform number was 39.

6. Dolly used to have a CB, Her handle was “Iron Butterfly”.

7. In 1998 Dolly released Her album entitled “Hungry Again” which detailed 12 tracks. However, it was also made with 13 tracks…… the promotional advance that was pressed to send out to the media had No 1 track listed as a “Message About The Album” which Dolly especially recorded.

8. In 2011 Dolly teamed up with UK/Malta based Gaming company and together they created “Dolly Parton Bingo” – Official launch date 4th March 2011.

9. Dolly’s album recorded with Kenny Rogers, “Once Upon A Christmas” was a huge, huge seller and is a double platinum awarded album.

10. Dolly recorded a full video (produced by Madonna’s Brother) for the song “Peace Train” but it was never officially released.

11. Avon Cosmetics in the UK once released a Dolly CD and it is one of the most highly sought after collector’s items in the world of Dolly collecting.

12. Talking of Collectors Items, A bootleg record was made in Dolly’s earlier days and it is again, one of the most sought after items in Dolly collecting (You can read all about in in our collectables section).

13. There have been many quotes recorded that Dolly has said. One of the best is this:  “I’ll never harden my heart, but I’ve toughened the muscles around it.”

14. From the film “Blue Valley Songbird” – Dolly sang a duet with Billy Dean called “We Might Be In Love”. However, did you know Dolly recorded a solo version – it has so far never been released.

15. In 2010 Jukebox Music released a digital Dolly album called “Wanted” – there was no publicity and fan fare for the release, but, it contains a good few never previously released gems.

16.  Dolly made a sitcom called “Heaven’s To Betsy”.